MAN Truck & Bus

Body structure safety cell

100 % Trucknology, also when it comes to safety: the robust cab structure ensures that there is enough space for the driver to survive in the event of a collision. This animation simulates a head-on collision as defined in ECE-R29. All standard TGL/TGM cabs comply with the EU Directive ECE-R29 pertaining to occupant safety. The special cab mountings act as crash elements and help reduce the severity of a collision. Here is what happens in a crash: the collision forces exerted on the cab cause the suspensions to distort. This forces the whole cab backwards. The braking distance lengthens – maximum forces on occupants are reduced substantially.

As an option, these cabs can also be equipped to comply with the test specifications of the Sweden test, which is even stricter than the requirements of the ECE Directive. This includes reinforced connectors between cab and cab mounting as well as a reinforced cab structure.